Lab Related News


January 29, 2018- Anthony presents Chemical Strategies to Modulate the Anti-Cancer Immune Response at a McMaster Demystifying Medicine Seminar 

January 10, 2018- Third year Chemical Biology co-op students Eden Kapcan, Alex Wang, and Nickolas Serniuck have joined the group

September 28,  2017- Anthony discusses our program at an invited seminar given to the Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences at the University of Toronto-Mississauga

September 21, 2017- Anthony presents our program at the McMaster Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology seminar series

September 20, 2017- Anthony presents our program at the McMaster Immunity and Infectious Disease seminar series

September 15, 2017- Chemical Biology thesis student Tim Cheun joins the group

September 1, 2017- Chemistry and Immunology unite to understand and combat human disease - Chemical fumehoods and infrastructure now being installed within MIRC, The Rullo Program at McMaster has begun!!