Lab Related News


December 20th, 2018- Rullo Lab would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holidays!

September 4, 2018- Rullo Lab welcomes back Nickolas Serniuck, Eden Kapcan, Alex Wang, and Brady MacDonald. They will all be returning this year for their fourth year thesis project.

September 4, 2018- Rullo Lab welcomes Samm Reynolds, Lilian Diaz, and Bethany Tong, three new chemical biology thesis students. 

August 19-23, 2018- Dr. Rullo is preparing for his upcoming talk at the American Chemical Society National Meeting and Expo in Boston, MA

June 21, 2018- Rullo lab received a grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation that will support infrastructure in the lab

June 3-7, 2018- Dr. Rullo gave a presentation on chemical strategies to modulate the immune recognition of cancer at the Canadian Chemistry Conference in Edmonton, Alberta

May 8, 2018- Rullo Lab welcomes it's first MSc student, Ben Lake. Ben recently graduated from McMaster University's Honours Chemical Biology Co-op program, and will advance multiple projects within the Lab

May 1, 2018- Rullo Lab welcomes Brady MacDonald, a third year Chemical Biology student developing covalent dimerizers 

January 29, 2018- Anthony presents Chemical Strategies to Modulate the Anti-Cancer Immune Response at a McMaster Demystifying Medicine Seminar 

January 10, 2018- Third year Chemical Biology co-op students Eden Kapcan, Alex Wang, and Nickolas Serniuck have joined the group

September 28,  2017- Anthony discusses our program at an invited seminar given to the Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences at the University of Toronto-Mississauga

September 21, 2017- Anthony presents our program at the McMaster Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology seminar series

September 20, 2017- Anthony presents our program at the McMaster Immunity and Infectious Disease seminar series

September 15, 2017- Chemical Biology thesis student Tim Cheun joins the group

September 1, 2017- Chemistry and Immunology unite to understand and combat human disease - Chemical fumehoods and infrastructure now being installed within MIRC, The Rullo Program at McMaster has begun!!